Olabaa: joc i arquitectura

Olabaà is an ideas and projects lab on architecture and play.

We believe that architecture and city are areas of knowledge and experimentation that enrich us at many levels and that through design and play we can offer
the possibility of exploring these values.

The spaces and objects that we design are an invitation to explore and recognize the urban structures and the landscapes we inhabit.

We like objects that concentrate the qualities of design and that go beyond any functionality.

We have started with our collection of little buildings to play, which will gradually grow, but we also have other ongoing projects related to architecture, space and game on a larger scale, both in educational environments and domestic, as in urban or natural environments.

Our little buildings are manufactured with great care and in small series in a specialized workshop located in Barcelona; Xylo Formas.

Olabaà is a project initiated by Adriana Salvat, a multidisciplinary architect, who loves the architecture of small things.
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