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The buildings of Olabaà are game structures that propose placing symbolic play in the context of  architecture and urban space. With this proposal, children are encouraged, through play, recognition, discovery and exploration of their environment, in order to foster reflection and analysis skills and develop imagination and creativity.

The buildings we propose are based on architectural typologies that are sufficiently generic in order not to define specific uses and not limit their play to limited and stereotyped areas and uses, but rather to explore wider and richer concepts such as inhabiting different spaces, occupy them, be it the urban space, the public space, the collective space: the city.

The buildings of Olabaà are open game proposals that allow freedom in the game, within the framework of the structures and spaces typical of the urban context. This allows a type of game that especially motivates the relationship with others and contributes to the socialization and transmission of the city’s values, such as coexistence, cooperation, interaction.


The city is more than a physical territory or a set of urban spaces, it is also a place of participation and creation, dynamic and interactive. We understand the city as a field of knowledge and experimentation. We learn from the city to be citizens, to relate and live together, to get involved and to configure the city itself. Through the game, then, we understand the city, we are part and transform it.


To inhabit is to experiment, occupy, live, invent, act in the spaces where we live, where we play. Building is to create spaces to be inhabitated. Or is also to manipulate and modify the space we live. Play elements to inhabit or transform the spaces of our toy buildings may be multiple, from representative elements such as dolls, cars, animals, to abstract elements, or non-specific material.


The quality of the materials and the care of the design, paying special attention to the coherence between space and structural solution, are essential factors to emphasize the values ​​of the architecture. From the simplicity of the structures we propose, we want to bring children closer to these values.Both in the game and in real life, the spaces we inhabit have qualities that influence how we inhabit them.

Customized projects

Olabaà is a laboratory of ideas, experimentation and action around architecture, play and space. We really like to raise new challenges and new projects.

If you are a school or an educational space, an organization or a private individual, you can count on us to invent and create spaces, games and workshops to play with architecture.

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